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Nicole Katherine's
Apparel Services, L.L.C.

I’ve always followed my heart and it’s gotten me this far. I’m highly intuitive and draw inspiration from the world around me. From a young age, I knew I wanted a career in fashion, a dream that became a reality in 2000. Since then, I try to stay involved in a variety of projects, all of which have somehow become part of my ongoing creative journey.

If you'd like access to my portfolio to have an intimate glance of my work history, please contact me for access permissions.

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A note from the founder,
Nicole Katherine

Welcome to Nicole Katherine's Apparel Services, where your fashion aspirations transform into reality. We're more than a service – we're your comprehensive partner for development, production, and successful brand launches.

At Nicole Katherine's, empowerment is woven into every seam. You'll not only gain a deep understanding of the development process but also feel confident and supported through every step. Our goal is to leave you feeling educated, empowered, and eager to propel your brand to new heights.


Our commitment goes beyond development; we integrate you into production management, ensuring that when the time comes to build your in-house team, you have a solid foundation to build upon. We're here to support your journey and nurture your vision into a thriving reality.

Why Choose Nicole Katherine Apparel Services

Nicole Katherine Apparel Services, LLC was born from a singular mission: to empower budding designers and brand owners with unparalleled service and insider knowledge seldom found elsewhere in the fashion industry.

Nicole's ethos revolves around forging her own path and fearlessly challenging norms in an industry often hesitant to embrace change. This ethos birthed Nicole Katherine—a daring design outsourcing venture driven by a nimble, forward-thinking approach rooted in real-world expertise and unwavering commitment to clients.

From its humble origins in Nicole's mid-century flat in Southern California, the venture has blossomed into a comprehensive design and development powerhouse, maintaining an intimate team and cultivating industry alliances deeply rooted in the core values reflecting Nicole's small-town upbringing.

Nicole Katherine embodies the credentials that affirm her place in the fashion realm, boasting an extensive network and profound expertise. However, it's her wealth of hands-on experience—shaped by keen insight and an unyielding work ethic—that truly positions Nicole Katherine as an invaluable asset for designers, whether fledgling or seasoned veterans.

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