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Services Offered



Unlock Your Vision:
Begin your clothing design journey with a complimentary 30-minute consultation. We'll delve into your project, needs, and aspirations, setting the stage for creative collaboration.

Collection Development

From Dream to Reality:
Watch your collection ideas come to life as Nicole Katherine transforms them into stunning sketches, detailed line sheets, and innovative designs. Our process includes creating tech packs and initiating sample development, turning your vision into tangible fashion.

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One-on-One Sessions

Empowering Progress:
Our personalized, weekly or bi-weekly touch base meetings keep you informed and engaged throughout your project. Become a knowledgeable fashion industry professional as we troubleshoot, celebrate brand growth, and see your vision take shape.


Navigating the Industry:
Beyond design, we guide you through the apparel industry, helping you find the best vendors for trims, fabrics, packaging, and sewing production. Streamline your production process with our expertise.


Other Services

Beyond Fashion Design:

Nicole Katherine Apparel Services offers more than just design direction. Explore our graphic design, packaging design, and textile design services, ensuring every aspect of your collection's success is covered.

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